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3 tips for exporting food to China

Products with high demand

according to Diario COMEX, products profiting most in the Chinese market are meat, dairy product, fresh and processed fruits, oil, fish preserves, sugars and liquors. The market grew from US$ 77 million to over US$ 1 billion dollars in the past decade, in other words, 13 times.

Proper packaging

packaging adapted to Chinese taste is the key to success in the food sector. By way of example, the website Emprendedores reports that Chinese consumers like to see what is inside the package. The website also reveals that in this country it is common to give food as a gift, reason for which products such as wine and olive oil are sold in special gift boxes.

Adjust products to suit the Chinese palate

it may be necessary to adapt products to the taste of consumers, although this factor will depend on the province where they are marketed. The brands that have been more successful are those producing varieties specifically targeting the Chinese palate.


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