The avocado is a nutrient dense food loved around the world for its mild flavor and creamy texture. With rough, deep green to bright green skin, pale yellow-green flesh, and a large, smooth seed, the avocado is a fruit unlike any other.

About it

Avocados are nutritional powerhouses

that’s why so many people refer to them as super-foods! Incorporating avocados into your regular diet can have astounding benefits to your health and wellbeing. For example, avocados are virtually the only healthy fruit with good fats and are a delicious way to help people meet the Nutrition and Your Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans’ recommendations to shift from eating saturated fat to good fats.Amazingly, avocados contain nearly twenty vitamins and minerals.

In addition, the avocado is a source of the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Copper (10% DV, 0.1 mg)
  • Vitamin K (10% DV, 11 mg)
  • Pantothenic acid (14% DV, 0.7 mg)
  • Folate (10% DV, 400 mcg)

Finally, one serving (1/3 of a medium avocado) contains small amounts of vitamin A (4 mg), magnesium (0.1 mg), vitamin C (4 mg), vitamin E (1 mg), iron (0.3 mg), manganese (0.1 mg), zinc (0.3%), potassium (254 mg) and phosphorous (27 mg).

Avocados is versatile, healthy and delicious.

Avocados are a healthy food that can be incorporated into a ton of different dishes, from salads and sandwiches, to sushi and dips. No matter what your personal tastes are, you can find a way to enjoy avocado on a regular basis.

The truth is, some healthy foods just don’t taste good to most people. Certain vegetables can lack flavor or taste bitter. Avocados, on the other hand, have a mild flavor that tastes delicious on its own or paired with other foods. When it comes to being a healthy fruit and tasting great, avocados really do have it all!


You’ve probably heard of Hass avocados before. Hass is the most common cultivar – in fact, 80% of the world’s avocados are Hass. Hass avocados are popular due to their nutty taste, year-round availability, and long shelf life.Hass avocados have a distinctly pebbled skin that changes color from bright green to deep green and even black-purple as the avocado ripens. They have a rich flavor, creamy rather than watery texture, and feature a 19% oil constitution. All Hass avocados are descendants of one “mother tree” that was grown by a man named Rudolph Hass in La Habra Heights, California. The species was patented in 1935, and the “mother tree” survived an impressive 67 years after that before it was cut down in 2002 after dying of root rot.


You want guacamole year-round? There’s only one avocado that can chill with you in summer and relax by the fire in winter. You got it boss — that’s a Hass. Eighty percent of the avocados eaten worldwide are Hass avocados. They’re not only perennial, but they also have a long shelf life and change skin color when ripe — like avocados for dummies! Generous in size with a small seed — means more green, creamy “meat” to eat.

You are what you eat – that applies to your fruit too. The more good things your avocados absorb while they grow, the more good things will come out when they are in your mouth. With each bite of an Avocado From Mexico, you’re transported to the rich Michoacán soil, basking in the warm sunshine and nourishing rain, and breathing deeply of the coastal air. All the goodness that nourishes avocados from Mexico — from soil to seed to tree to fruit — equals an avocado that’s delicious and wholesome.

In the school of nutritious foods, the avocado is the valedictorian. And with good reason. The avocado contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. It’s cholesterol-free, sodium-free, naturally good in fat, nutritious, and are a good source of fiber and folate per 50 g serving (one third of a medium avocado).